Untethered Soul 4" Sticker
Untethered Soul 4" Sticker

Untethered Soul 4" Sticker

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The chains of self doubt are all placed on us by... Ourself! We hold ourself to standards we built or believed as kids by the opinions of others. We hold ourself in them for the remainder of our life sometimes! You can literally do anything you want in life. Your only limiting factor is YOU! Your belief in yourself to do things is only limited by YOU! Break the chain. Do what you are meant to do! Love and build a life you love!

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Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Kunkel
Best Sticker ever

This sticker has been through the ringer on my waterbottle and it’s holding up so well, no fade in the colder, it’s holding on strong, this has got to be the best sticker I’ve ever gotten from anywhere


The sticker was very small for it to cost $10. Colors were darker on mine almost a deep red/light purple. I put this sticker on my guitar and it's already messed up and started peeling on the edges. It's only a few months old, I've already since removed the sticker.

2/5* wouldn't recommend or buy again.


Love it

Christina Ryan

I love my stickers. Can't wait to get some more stuff

Dani Norton

I loved them so much. I have both stickers on my laptop for all my coworkers to see. And definitely plan on getting more come pay day.