Our Story

Hey I am Dan, Founder of Reaper! Reaper Apparel Co was born out of necessity, out of 2020 and the aftermath. The year 2020 became a reminder that every minute counts, even the hard ones. I battled severe anxiety and borderline depression and I knew things had to change. I wasted so many moments in life worrying about the future and what it holds. Those are moments I can never get back. I made a commitment to be present and be the best version of myself Every. Single. Day. I am committed to live authentic, try new things and find those that center me.

Reaper is not only a brand, its a complete life adjustment. A commitment to live your most authentic way every single day! I watched my grandma look over my grandpa right after he passed away and tell him " We really did it all" I did not realize at the time but this put a fire so deep inside of me. I will never die with regret of the things I didn't do. Go all out, try new things, be bold and brave! Happiness is a state of mind and I choose to find what it means to me and I hope Reaper can be the inspiration you need to find yours! I am Reaper, YOU are Reaper, We are Reaper!